33 CFR § 156.113 - Compliance with suspension order.

§ 156.113 Compliance with suspension order.

(a) No vessel or facility operator to whom a suspension order has been issued may conduct transfer operations from the time the order is effective until that order is withdrawn by the applicable COTP, OCMI, or by the District Commander.

(b) The vessel or facility operator may request reconsideration of the suspension order either orally or in writing to the COTP or OCMI who issued it. The request may contain supporting documentation and evidence that the vessel or facility operator wishes to have considered.

(c) Any person not satisfied with a ruling made under the procedure contained in paragraph (b) of this section may appeal that ruling in writing, except as allowed under paragraph (e) of this section, to the Coast Guard District Commander of the district in which the suspension order was issued. The appeal may contain supporting documentation and evidence that the appellant wishes to have considered. The appeal does not stay the effect of the suspension order while the COTP or OCMI ruling is being reviewed. The District Commander issues a ruling after reviewing the appeal.

(d) The ruling by the District Commander is final agency action.

(e) If the delay in presenting a written appeal under paragraph (c) of this section would have a significant adverse impact on the appellant, the appeal may initially be presented orally. If an initial presentation of the appeal is made orally, the appellant must submit the appeal in writing within five days of the oral presentation to the District Commander to whom the oral appeal was made, containing, at a minimum the basis for the appeal and a summary of the material presented orally.

[CGD 75-124, 45 FR 7177, Jan. 31, 1980, as amended by CGD 86-034, 55 FR 36255, Sept. 4, 1990]

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