33 CFR § 159.14 - Application for certification.

§ 159.14 Application for certification.

(a) Any manufacturer may apply to any recognized facility for certification of a marine sanitation device. The application for certification must indicate whether the device will be used aboard all vessels or only aboard uninspected vessels and to which standard in § 159.53 the manufacturer requests the device to be tested.

(b) An application may be in any format but must be in writing and must be signed by an authorized representative of the manufacturer and include or be accompanied by:

(1) A complete description of the manufacturer's production quality control and inspection methods, record keeping systems pertaining to the manufacture of marine sanitation devices, and testing procedures;

(2) The design for the device, including drawings, specifications and other information that describes the materials, construction and operation of the device;

(3) The installation, operation, and maintenance instructions for the device; and

(4) The name and address of the applicant and the manufacturing facility.

(c) The manufacturer must furnish the recognized facility one device of each model for which certification is requested and samples of each material from which the device is constructed, that must be tested destructively under § 159.117. The device furnished is for the testing required by this part except that, for devices that are not suited for unit testing, the manufacturer may submit the design so that the recognized facility may determine the components of the device and materials to be submitted for testing and the tests to be performed at a place other than the facility. The Coast Guard must review and accept all such determinations before testing is begun.

(d) At the time of submittal of an application to a recognized facility the manufacturer must notify the Coast Guard of the type and model of the device, the name of the recognized facility to which application is being made, and the name and address of the manufacturer, and submit a signed statement of the times when the manufacturer will permit designated officers and employees of the Coast Guard to have access to the manufacturer's facilities and all records required by this part.

[CGD 73-83, 40 FR 4624, Jan. 30, 1975, as amended by CGD 75-213, 41 FR 15325, Apr. 12, 1976]