33 CFR § 165.1332 - Safety Zones; annual firework displays within the Captain of the Port, Puget Sound Area of Responsibility.

§ 165.1332 Safety Zones; annual firework displays within the Captain of the Port, Puget Sound Area of Responsibility.

(a) Safety Zones. The following areas are designated safety zones:

(1) All waters of Puget Sound, Washington, extending to a 450 yard radius from the following launch sites:

Captain of the Port Puget Sound AOR Annual Firework Displays

Event name (typically) Event location Latitude Longitude
Steilacoom Annual Fireworks Steilacoom 47°10.4′ N 122°36.2′ W
Tacoma Freedom Fair Commencement Bay 47°17.103′ N 122°28.410′ W
City of Anacortes Fidalgo Bay 48°30.016′ N 122°36.154′ W
Alderbrook Resort & Spa Fireworks Hood Canal 47°21.033′ N 123°04.1′ W
Fireworks Display Henderson Bay 47°21.8′ N 122°38.367′ W
Des Moines Fireworks Des Moines 47°24.117′ N 122°20.033′ W
Three Tree Point Community Fireworks Three Tree Point 47°27.033′ N 122°23.15′ W
City of Renton Fireworks Renton, Lake Washington 47°30.386′ N 122°12.502′ W
Port Orchard Fireworks Port Orchard 47°32.883′ N 122°37.917′ W
Chimes and Lights Port Orchard 47°32.75′ N 122°38.033′ W
Seattle Seafair Lake Washington 47°34.333′ N 122°16.017′ W
Mercer Island Celebration Mercer Island 47°35.517′ N 122°13.233′ W
Medina Days Medina Park 47°36.867′ N 122°14.5′ W
Bainbridge Island Fireworks Eagle Harbor 47°37.142′ N 122°30.397′ W
Whaling Days Dyes Inlet 47°38.65′ N 122°41.35′ W
Yarrow Point Community Yarrow Point 47°38.727′ N 122°13.466′ W
City of Kenmore Fireworks Lake Forest Park 47°45.25′ N 122°15.75′ W
Kirkland Concours D'Elegence Kirkland 47°39.521′ N 122°12.439′ W
Kirkland Fireworks Kirkland 47°40.583′ N 122°12.84′ W
Liberty Bay Fireworks Liberty Bay 47°43.917′ N 122°39.133′ W
Sheridan Beach Community Lake Forest Park 47°44.783′ N 122°16.917′ W
Langlie's Old Fashioned Independence Celebration Indianola 47°44.817′ N 122°31.533′ W
Lake Forest Park Fireworks Lake Forest Park 47°45.117′ N 122°16.367′ W
Vashon Island Fireworks Quartermaster Harbor 47°24.0′ N 122°27.0′ W
Kingston Fireworks Appletree Cove 47°47.65′ N 122°29.917′ W
Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival Possession Sound 47°56.9′ N 122°18.6′ W
Brewster Fire Department Fireworks Brewster 48°05.362′ N 119°47.147′ W
Port Angeles Port Angeles Harbor 48°07.033′ N 123°24.967′ W
Port Townsend Sunrise Rotary Port Townsend 48°08.413′ N 122°45.531′ W
Friday Harbor Independence Friday Harbor 48°32.255′ N 123°0.654′ W
Roche Harbor Fireworks Roche Harbor 48°36.7′ N 123°09.5′ W
Deer Harbor Annual Fireworks Display Deer Harbor 48°37.0′ N 123°00.25′ W.
Orcas Island Orcas Island 48°41.317′ N 122°54.467′ W
Blast Over Bellingham Bellingham Bay 48°44.933′ N 122°29.667′ W
True Colors Event Blaine 48°59.488′ N 122°46.339′ W
John Eddy Wedding Magnolia Bluff 49°38.988′ N 122°25.356′ W
City of Mount Vernon Fireworks Edgewater Park 48°25.178′ N 122°20.424′ W
Chase Family Fourth at Lake Union Lake Union 47°38.418′ N 122°20.111′ W
Port Ludlow Fireworks Port Ludlow 47°55.161′ N 122°41.157′ W
Boston Harbor 4th of July Boston Harbor 47°08.626′ N 122°54.149′ W
Everett 4th of July Port Gardner 48°00.672′ N 122°13.391′ W

(2) [Reserved]

(b) Special requirements. Firework barges or launch sites on land used in locations stated in this rule shall display a sign. The sign will be affixed to the port and starboard side of the barge or mounted on a post 3 feet above ground level when on land and in close proximity to the shoreline facing the water labeled “FIREWORKS-DANGER-STAY AWAY.” This will provide on-scene notice that the safety zone is, or will, be enforced on that day. This notice will consist of a diamond shaped sign, 4 foot by 4 foot, with a 3 inch orange retro-reflective border. The word “DANGER' shall be 10 inch black block letters centered on the sign with the words “FIREWORKS” and “STAY AWAY” in 6 inch black block letters placed above and below the word “DANGER” respectively on a white background. An on-scene patrol vessel will enforce these safety zones 30 minutes prior to the start and 30 minutes after the conclusion of the fireworks display.

(c) Notice of enforcement. These safety zones will be activated and thus subject to enforcement, under the following conditions: the Coast Guard must receive and approve a marine event permit for each firework display and then the Captain of the Port will cause notice of the enforcement of these safety zones to be made by all appropriate means to provide notice to the affected segments of the public as practicable, in accordance with 33 CFR 165.7(a). The Captain of the Port will issue a Broadcast Notice to Mariners and Local Notice to Mariners notifying the public of activation and suspension of enforcement of these safety zones. Additionally, an on-scene Patrol Commander will ensure enforcement of this safety zone by limiting the transit of non-participating vessels in the designated areas described above.

(d) Regulations. In accordance with the general regulations in 33 CFR part 165, subpart C, no vessel operator may enter, transit, moor, or anchor within this safety zone, except for vessels authorized by the Captain of the Port or Designated Representative.

(e) Authorization. All vessel operators who desire to enter the safety zone must obtain permission from the Captain of the Port or Designated Representative by contacting either the on-scene patrol craft on VHF Ch 13 or Ch 16 or the Coast Guard Sector Seattle Joint Harbor Operations Center (JHOC) via telephone at (206) 217-6002.

(f) Enforcement period. This rule will be enforced from 5 p.m. until 1 a.m. each day a barge with a “FIREWORKS-DANGER-STAY AWAY” sign is located within any of the above designated safety zone locations and meets the criteria established in section (b), within the following timeframes:

(1) The last two weeks of December until the conclusion of the first weekend of January.

(2) The last weekend of June until the conclusion of the third week of July.

(3) The second weekend of August until the conclusion of the fourth week of August.

(4) The first weekend of September until the conclusion of the third week of September.

(5) The first weekend of December.

(g) Contact information. Questions about safety zones and related events should be addressed to COMMANDER (spw), U.S. COAST GUARD SECTOR, Attention: Waterways Management Division, 1519 Alaskan Way South, Seattle, WA 98134-1192.

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