33 CFR § 165.1341 - Regulated Navigation Area; Lake Washington, Seattle, WA.

§ 165.1341 Regulated Navigation Area; Lake Washington, Seattle, WA.

(a) Location. The following area is a regulated navigation area: All waters of Lake Washington south of the Interstate 90 Floating West Bound Bridge and north of the points between Bailey Peninsula at 47°33′14.4″ N, 122°14′47.3″ W and Mercer Island at 47°33′24.5″ N, 122°13′52.5″ W.

(b) Definitions. As used in this section, designated representative means a Coast Guard Patrol Commander, including a Coast Guard coxswain, petty officer, or other officer operating a Coast Guard vessel and a Federal, State, and local officer designated by or assisting the Captain of the Port Puget Sound (COTP) in the enforcement of the regulated navigation zone.

(c) Regulations. All vessels and persons transiting the regulated navigation area described in paragraph (a) of this section must proceed at a speed which creates minimum wake, 7 miles per hour or less, unless a higher minimum speed is necessary to maintain bare steerageway.

(d) Enforcement periods. This section will be enforced annually immediately before and after Seafair events which usually occurs during the last week in July and the first two weeks of August. The event will be one week or less in duration and the specific dates and times of the enforcement periods will be published in a notice of enforcement in the Federal Register.

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