33 CFR § 165.558 - Security Zone; Delaware River, and Schuylkill River, Philadelphia, PA.

§ 165.558 Security Zone; Delaware River, and Schuylkill River, Philadelphia, PA.

(a) Location. The following area is a security zone: All waters of the Delaware River in the vicinity of Philadelphia International Airport, within an area bound to the west by a line drawn from the New Jersey shoreline at Thompson Point, latitude 39°50′37″ N, longitude 75°18′23″ W, thence northwest to the Pennsylvania shoreline at latitude 39°51′45″ N, longitude 75°18′46″ W; thence up river and bound shoreline to shoreline; bound to the east by a line drawn from the New Jersey shoreline at latitude 39°52′28″ N, longitude 75°11′14″ W, and thence northwest to the Pennsylvania shoreline near the eastern side of mouth to the Schuylkill River at latitude 39°53′05″ N, longitude 75°11′34″ W; the security zone extends north into the waters of Schuylkill River, bound from shoreline to shoreline, including the waters of Schuylkill River adjacent to the Navy Yard Reserve Basin Bridge, and terminates along a line drawn from latitude 39°54′04″ N, longitude 75°12′56″ W, thence eastward across the Schuylkill River to latitude 39°54′07″ N, longitude 75°12′48″ W, located approximately 500 yards northwest and parallel with the George C. Platt Memorial—Penrose Avenue lift-bridge. These coordinates are based on North American Datum 83 (NAD83).

(b) Definitions. As used in this section—

Designated representative means any Coast Guard commissioned, warrant or petty officer who has been designated by the COTP to act on his or her behalf. The designated representative may be on an official patrol vessel or may be on shore and will communicate with vessels via VHF-FM radio or loudhailer. In addition, members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary may be present to inform vessel operators of this regulation.

Official patrol vessel means any Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxiliary, State, or local law enforcement vessel assigned or approved by the COTP.

Very important person (VIP) means any person for whom the United States Secret Service requests implementation of a security zone in order to supplement protection of said person(s).

(c) Regulations.

(1) In accordance with the general regulations contained in § 165.33, entry into or movement within this zone is prohibited unless authorized by the COTP, Sector Delaware Bay, or designated representative.

(2) Only vessels or people specifically authorized by the Captain of the Port, Delaware Bay, or designated representative, may enter or remain in the regulated area. To request permission to enter or remain in the regulated area contact the COTP or the COTP's representative on VHF-FM channel 13 or 16. Vessel operators and persons within the security zone must comply with all lawful orders or directions given to them by the COTP or the COTP's designated representative. No person may swim upon or below the surface of the water of this security zone unless authorized by the COTP or his designated representative.

(3) Upon being hailed by an official patrol vessel or the designated representative, by siren, radio, flashing light or other means, the operator of the vessel shall proceed as directed. Failure to comply with lawful direction may result in expulsion from the regulated area, citation for failure to comply, or both.

(d) Enforcement. This security zone will be enforced with actual notice by the U.S. Coast Guard representatives on scene, as well as other methods listed in § 165.7. The Coast Guard will enforce the security zone created by this section only when it is necessary for the protection of VIPs traveling to or from the Philadelphia International Airport. The U.S. Coast Guard may be additionally assisted in the patrol and enforcement of the zone by Federal, State, and local agencies.

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