33 CFR § 165.728 - Jacksonville, Florida—safety zones.

§ 165.728 Jacksonville, Florida—safety zones.

(a) The water, land, and land and water within the following boundaries are established as safety zones during the specified conditions:

(1) Zone A. 200 yards in all directions around any specified Maritime Prepositioned Ship as it transits between the St. Johns River entrance sea buoy (STJ) and its berth inside the Mayport Basin (Ribault Bay), Mayport, Florida. The prescribed safety zone will also be in effect as the vessel transits to its berth at Blount Island Marine Terminal, Jacksonville, Florida.

(2) Zone B. 100 yards in all directions on land and 200 yards on water from the eastern end of Transit Shed #2 to the east shore of Alligator Creek at Blount Island Terminal, Jacksonville, Florida.

(3) Zone C: 100 yards in all directions on land from Gate berth #1 and all waters within the Back River (locally known as the Gate Slip) on Blount Island, Jacksonville, Florida, commencing from a line drawn between the southwesterly most shore point latitude 30°23′34″, longitude 81°30′52″ and the southeasterly most shore point latitude 30°23′38″, longitude 81°30′36″.

(b) The areas described in paragraph (a) of this section may be closed to all vessels and persons, except those vessels and persons authorized by the Commander, Seventh Coast Guard District or the Captain of the Port, Jacksonville, Florida, whenever specified Maritime Prepositioned Ships are transiting the St. Johns River (Zone A), moored at Blount Island (Zone B), or moored at Gate Terminal (Zone C).

(c) The general regulations governing safety zones contained in 33 CFR 165.23 apply.

(d) The Captain of the Port Jacksonville, Florida will activate the safety zones or specific portions of them by issuing a local broadcast notice to mariners. The closing of the area at Blount Island, described above, will be signified by the display of a rotating yellow light located on the waterfront at Blount Island Marine Terminal or at the Gate Terminal Berth #1.

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