33 CFR § 165.811 - Atchafalaya River, Berwick Bay, LA-regulated navigation area.

§ 165.811 Atchafalaya River, Berwick Bay, LA-regulated navigation area.

(a) The following is a regulated navigation area: the waters of the Atchafalaya River in Berwick Bay bounded on the northside from 2,000 yards north of the U.S. 90 Highway Bridge and on the southside from 4,000 yards south of the Southern Pacific Railroad (SPRR) Bridge.

(b) Within the regulated navigation area described in paragraph (a) of this section, § 161.40 of this chapter establishes a VTS Special Area for waters within a 1000 yard radius of the SPRR Bridge.

(c) When the Morgan City River gauge reads 3.0 feet or above mean sea level, in addition to the requirements set forth in § 161.13 of this chapter, the requirements of paragraph (d) and (e) of this section apply to a towing vessel which will navigate:

(1) under the lift span of the SPRR Bridge; or

(2) through the navigational opening of the U.S. 90 Highway Bridge: or

(3) through the navigational opening of the Highway 182 Bridge.

(d) Towing requirements.

(1) Towing on a hawser is not authorized, except that one self-propelled vessel may tow one other vessel without barges upbound;

(2) A towing vessel and barges must be arranged in tandem, except that one vessel may tow one other vessel alongside;

(3) Length of tow must not exceed 1,180 feet; and

(4) Tows with a box end in the lead must not exceed 400 feet in length.


The variation in the draft and the beam of the barges in a multi-barge tow should be minimized in order to avoid unnecessary strain on coupling wires.

(e) Horsepower Requirement.

(1) The following requirements apply to a towing vessel of 3,000 hp or less:

Table 165.811(e)—Minimum Available Horsepower Requirement

[The greater value listed.]

Direction of tow Daytime (sunrise to sunset) Nighttime (sunset to sunrise)
Upbound 400hp or (Length of tow—300ft) × 3 600hp or (Length of tow—200ft) × 3.
Downbound 600hp or (Length of tow—200ft) × 3 600hp or (Length of tow) × 3.

Note: A 5% variance from the available horsepower is authorized.

(2) All tows carrying cargoes of particular hazard as defined in § 160.202 of this chapter must have available horsepower of at least 600 hp or three times the length of tow, whichever is greater.

(f) Notice of Requirements. Notice that these rules are anticipated to be put into effect, or are in effect, will be given by:

(1) Marine information broadcasts;

(2) Notices to mariners;

(3) Vessel Traffic Center advisories or upon vessel information request; and

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