33 CFR § 183.526 - Carburetors.

§ 183.526 Carburetors.

(a) [Reserved]

(b) Each carburetor must not leak more than five cubic centimeters of fuel in 30 seconds when:

(1) The float valve is open;

(2) The carburetor is at half throttle; and

(3) The engine is cranked without starting; or

(4) The fuel pump is delivering the maximum pressure specified by its manufacturer.

(c) Each updraft and horizontal draft carburetor must have a device that:

(1) Collects and holds fuel that flows out of the carburetor venturi section toward the air intake;

(2) Prevents collected fuel from being carried out of the carburetor assembly by the shock wave of a backfire or by reverse air flow; and

(3) Returns collected fuel to the engine induction system after the engine starts,

[CGD 74-209, 42 FR 5950, Jan. 31, 1977, as amended by CGD 77-98, 42 FR 36253, July 14, 1977]