33 CFR § 230.19 - Comments.


District commanders shall request comments as set forth in 40 CFR 1503 and 1506.6. A lack of response may be presumed to indicate that the party has no comment to make.

(a) Time extensions. District commanders will consider and act on requests for time extensions to review and comment on an EIS based on timeliness of distribution of the document, prior agency involvement in the proposed action, and the action's scope and complexity.

(b) Public meetings and hearings. See 40 CFR 1506.6(c). Refer to paragraph 12, 33 CFR part 325, appendix B for regulatory actions.

(c) Comments received on the draft EIS. See 40 CFR 1503.4. District commanders will pay particular attention to the display in the final EIS of comments received on the draft EIS. In the case of abbreviated final EISs, follow 40 CFR 1503.4(c). For all other final EISs, comments and agency responses thereto will be placed in an appendix in a format most efficient for users of the final EIS to understand the nature of public input and the district commander's consideration thereof. District commanders will avoid lengthy or repetitive verbatim reporting of comments and will keep responses clear and concise.

(d) Comments received on the final EIS. Responses to comments received on the final EIS are required only when substantive issues are raised which have not been addressed in the EIS. In the case of feasibility reports where the final report and EIS, Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors (CEBRH) or Mississippi River Commission (CEMRC) report, and the proposed Chief's report are circulated for review, incoming comment letters will normally be answered, if appropriate, by CECW-P. After the review period is over, CECW-P will provide copies of all incoming comments received in HQUSACE to the district commander for use in preparing the draft record of decision. For all other Corps actions except regulatory actions (See 33 CFR part 325, appendix B), two copies of all incoming comment letters (even if the letters do not require an agency response) together with the district commander's responses (if appropriate) and the draft record of decision will be submitted through channels to the appropriate decision authority. In the case of a letter recommending a referral under 40 FR part 1504, reporting officers will notify CECW-RE and request further guidance. The record of decision will not be signed nor any action taken on the proposal until the referral case is resolved.

(e) Commenting on other agencies' EISs. See 40 CFR 1503.2 and 1503.3. District commanders will provide comments directly to the requesting agency. CECW-RE will provide comments about legislation, national program proposals, regulations or other major policy issues to the requesting agency. See appendix III of CEQ regulations. When the Corps is a cooperating agency, the Corps will provide comments on another Federal agency's draft EIS even if the response is no comment. Comments should be specific and restricted to areas of Corps jurisdiction by law and special expertise as defined in 40 CFR 1508.15 and 1508.26, generally including flood control, navigation, hydropower, and regulatory responsibilities. See appendix II of CEQ regulations.