33 CFR § 230.5 - Responsible officials.

§ 230.5 Responsible officials.

The district commander is the Corps NEPA official responsible for compliance with NEPA for actions within district boundaries. The district commander also provides agency views on other agencies' environmental impact statements (EIS). The Office of Environmental Policy HQUSACE (CECW-RE) WASH DC 20314-1000 (phone number 202-272-0166) is the point of contact for information on Corps NEPA documents, NEPA oversight activities, review of other agencies' EISs and NEPA documents about legislation, regulations, national program proposals or other major policy issues. The Assistant Chief Counsel for Environmental Law and Regulatory Programs, HQUSACE (CECC-E) WASH DC 20314-1000, is the point of contact for legal questions involving environmental matters. Requests for information on regulatory permit actions should be directed to HQUSACE (CECW-OR) WASH DC 20314-1000.