33 CFR § 337.6 - Statement of Findings (SOF).

§ 337.6 Statement of Findings (SOF).

Upon completion of the evaluation process including required coordination, receipt or waiver of required state certifications, and completion of the appropriate environmental documents, an SOF will be prepared. In cases involving an EIS, a ROD will be prepared in accordance with 33 CFR part 230 and should be used in lieu of the SOF, providing the substantive parts of this section are included in the ROD. The SOF need not duplicate information contained in supporting environmental documents but rather may incorporate it by reference. The SOF should include a comprehensive summary and record of compliance and should be prepared in the following format except that the procedures of 33 CFR 325.2 should be followed for related activities of local interests.

(a) The SOF should identify the name of the preparer, date (which may not necessarily correspond to the date signed), and name of waterway.

(b) The proposed action for which the findings are made should be described.

(c) A coordination section should be provided. The coordination section should reference the public notice number and date. The letters of comment and appropriate responses should be summarized. Any coordination undertaken by local or state agencies should also be discussed.

(d) An environmental effects and impacts section should be used to document compliance with the applicable environmental laws. This section should include the views and/or conditions of the state concerning water quality certification and, if required, the results of the coastal zone consistency process.

(e) A determinations section should reference the results of the EA and/or EIS and any conditions necessary to meet the state's water quality standards or coastal zone management program. Appropriate conditions or modifications should be included in the project specifications. This section should also contain a subsection on consideration of alternatives and cumulative impacts.

(f) A section on the district engineer's findings and conclusions concerning the proposed project should be included.

(g) The SOF should be dated and signed by the district engineer or his designee except in those cases requiring referral to higher authority.

(h) In accordance with the provisions of section 104(g) of the ODA, the district engineer will forward a copy of the SOF to the District Commander, U.S. Coast Guard, if the activity involves the ocean disposal of dredged material.

(i) The Findings of No Significant Impact or ROD, as appropriate, required by 33 CFR part 230 may be incorporated into the SOF, as appropriate.