33 CFR § 401.29 - Maximum draft.

§ 401.29 Maximum draft.

(a) Notwithstanding any provision herein, the loading of cargo, draft and speed of a vessel in transit shall be controlled by the master, who shall take into account the vessel's individual characteristics and its tendency to list or squat, so as to avoid striking bottom.

(b) The draft of a vessel shall meet a minimum draft requirement as defined at inspection on the ESI form and not, in any case, exceed 79.2 dm or the maximum permissible draft designated in a Seaway Notice by the Manager and the Corporation for the part of the Seaway in which a vessel is passing.

(c) Any vessel will be permitted to load at an increased draft of not more than 7 cm above the maximum permissible draft in effect as prescribed under paragraph (b) of this section if it is equipped with a Draft Information System (DIS) and meets the following:

(1) An operational Draft Information System (DIS) approved by a member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) as compliant with the Implementation Specifications found at www.greatlakes-seaway.com and having on board:

(i) An operational AIS with accuracy = 1 (DGPS); and

(ii) Up-to-date electronic navigational charts; and

(iii) Up-to-date charts containing high resolution bathymetric data; and

(2) The DIS Tool Display shall be located close to the primary conning position, be visible and legible; and equipped with a pilot plug, if using a portable DIS.

(i) Verification document of the DIS must be kept on board the vessel at all times and made available for inspection.

(ii) A company letter attesting to officer training on use of the DIS must be kept on board and made available for inspection.

(iii) Any vessel intending to use the DIS for the first time must notify the Manager of the Corporation in writing at least 24 hours prior to the commencement of its initial transit in the System with the DIS.

(iv) In every navigation season, a vessel intending to use an approved DIS to transit the System must submit a completed confirmation checklist found at www.greatlakes-seaway.com to the Manager or the Corporation prior to its initial transit of the season.

(v) If for any reason the DIS or AIS becomes inoperable, malfunctions or is not used while the vessel is transiting at a draft greater than the maximum permissible draft prescribed under paragraph (b) of this section in effect at the time, the vessel must notify the Manager or the Corporation immediately.

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