33 CFR 403.9 - Prehearings. [Rule 9]

§ 403.9 Prehearings. [Rule 9]

The Board may direct, orally or in writing, parties or their representatives to appear before the Board or a member of the Board at a specified time and place for a conference prior to or during the course of a hearing or, in lieu of personally appearing, to submit suggestions in writing, for the purpose of formulating issues and considering:

(a) The simplification of issues;

(b) The procedure at the hearing;

(c) The necessity or desirability of amending the application, answer or reply for the purpose of clarification, amplification or limitation;

(d) The mutual exchange among the parties of documents and exhibits proposed to be submitted at the hearing; and

(e) Such other matters as may aid in the simplification of the evidence and disposition of the proceeding. [Rule 9]

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