33 CFR § 62.3 - Definition of terms.

§ 62.3 Definition of terms.

Certain terms as used in this subchapter are defined as follows:

(a) Aid to Navigation. The term aid to navigation means any device external to a vessel or aircraft intended to assist a navigator to determine position or safe course, or to warn of dangers or obstructions to navigation.

(b) Commerce. The term commerce, in addition to general, national and international trade and commerce of the United States, includes trade and travel by seasonal passenger craft (marine and air), yachts, houseboats, fishing boats, motor boats, and other craft, whether or not operated for hire or profit.

(c) Commandant. The term Commandant means the Commandant of the Coast Guard.

(d) District Commander. The term District Commander means the commander of a Coast Guard District. Coast Guard Districts are listed in Part 3 of this chapter.

(e) Corps of Engineers. The term Corps of Engineers means the Corps of Engineers, Department of the Army.

(f) Person. The term person imparts both singular or plural, as the case demands, and includes any Federal Agency, State, Territory, possession, or public subdivision thereof, the District of Columbia, and any corporation, company, association, club, or other instrumentality.

(g) Navigable waters of the United States. The term navigable waters of the United States is defined in § 2.36(a) of this chapter.

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