33 CFR § 97.105 - Definitions.

§ 97.105 Definitions.

As used in this subpart—

Approval authority means a CSM approval authority, as that term is defined in this section.

Cargo means the goods or merchandise conveyed in a vessel, and includes, but is not limited to, cargo that can be measured as a “cargo unit” as that term is used in the International Maritime Organization's Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing, 2003 edition: “a vehicle, container, flat, pallet, portable tank, packaged unit, or any other entity, etc., and loading equipment, or any part thereof, which belongs to the ship but is not fixed to the ship . . .”; but it does not include other vessel equipment or the incidental personal possessions of persons on board the vessel.

Cargo safe access plan (CSAP) means a plan included in the cargo securing manual that provides detailed information on safe access for persons engaged in work connected with cargo stowage and securing on ships that are specifically designed and fitted for the purpose of carrying containers.

Cargo securing manual (CSM) means an electronic or printed manual developed to meet the requirements of SOLAS and this subpart and that is used by the master of a vessel to properly stow and secure cargoes on the vessel for which it is developed.

Cargo securing manual approval authority or CSM approval authority means an organization that meets the requirements of this subpart, and that the Commandant has authorized to conduct certain actions and issue electronic or printed approval letters on behalf of the United States.

Captain of the Port (COTP) means the U.S. Coast Guard officer as described in 33 CFR 6.01–3.

Commandant, except as otherwise specified, means the Chief, Office of Operating and Environmental Standards, whose address is Commandant (CG–OES), 2703 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue SE., Stop 7509, Washington, DC 20593–7509 and whose telephone number is 202–372–1404.

Container means an article of transport equipment described in 49 CFR 450.3.

Container vessel means a vessel specifically designed and fitted for the purpose of carrying containers.

International voyage means a voyage between a port or place in one country (or its possessions) and a port or place in another country.