33 CFR § 97.310 - Criteria for authorization.

§ 97.310 Criteria for authorization.

(a) The Commandant will evaluate the organization's request for authorization and supporting written materials, looking for evidence of -

(1) The organization's clear assignment of management duties;

(2) Ethical standards for managers and cargo securing manual (CSM) reviewers;

(3) Procedures for personnel training, qualification, certification, and re-qualification that are consistent with recognized industry standards;

(4) Acceptable standards available for the organization's internal auditing and management review;

(5) Recordkeeping standards for CSM review and approval;

(6) Methods used to review and certify CSMs;

(7) Experience and knowledge demonstrating competency to evaluate CSMs for completeness and sufficiency according to the requirements of SOLAS;

(8) Methods for handling appeals; and

(9) Overall procedures consistent with Res.A.739(18), (incorporated by reference, see § 97.110).

(b) After a favorable evaluation of the organization's request, the Commandant may arrange to visit the organization's corporate and port offices for an on-site evaluation of operations.

(c) When a request is approved, the organization and the Coast Guard will enter into the written agreement provided for by 33 CFR 97.315. If the request is not approved, the Commandant will give the organization a written explanation, and the organization may resubmit its request if it corrects any noted deficiencies.