33 CFR § 97.320 - Revocation of authorization.

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§ 97.320 Revocation of authorization.

The Commandant may revoke a cargo securing manual (CSM) approval authority's authorization and remove it from the list of CSM approval authorities if it fails to maintain acceptable standards. For the purposes of 46 CFR subpart 1.03, such a revocation would be treated as involving the recognition of a classification society and could be appealed pursuant to 46 CFR 1.03-15(h)(4). Upon revocation, the former approval authority must send written notice to each vessel owner whose CSM it approved. The notice must include the current list of CSM approval authorities and state -

(a) That its authorization as a CSM approval authority has been revoked;

(b) The Coast Guard's explanation for the revocation; and

(c) That the vessel's CSM remains valid as long as amendments have not been completed which require it to be re-approved pursuant to 33 CFR 97.200 or 97.205.