34 CFR § 34.22 - Employer responsibilities.

§ 34.22 Employer responsibilities.


(1) Our garnishment order indicates a reasonable period of time within which an employer must start withholding under the order.

(2) The employer must promptly pay to the Department all amounts the employer withholds according to the order.

(b) The employer may follow its normal pay and disbursement cycles in complying with the garnishment order.

(c) The employer must withhold the appropriate amount from the debtor's wages for each pay period until the employer receives our notification to discontinue wage garnishment.

(d) The employer must disregard any assignment or allotment by an employee that would interfere with or prohibit the employer from complying with our garnishment order, unless that assignment or allotment was made for a family support judgment or order.

(Authority: 31 U.S.C. 3720D)