34 CFR § 34.25 - Determination of financial hardship.

§ 34.25 Determination of financial hardship.


(1) If we conclude that garnishment at the amount or rate proposed in a notice would cause you financial hardship, we reduce the amount of the proposed garnishment to an amount that we determine will allow you to meet proven basic living expenses.

(2) If a garnishment order is already in effect, we notify your employer of any change in the amount the employer must withhold or the rate of withholding under the order.

(b) If we determine that financial hardship would result from garnishment based on a finding by a hearing official or under a repayment agreement we reached with you, this determination is effective for a period not longer than six months after the date of the finding or agreement.


(1) After the effective period referred to in paragraph (b) of this section, we may require you to submit current information regarding your family income and living expenses.

(2) If we conclude from a review of that evidence that we should increase the rate of withholding or payment, we -

(i) Notify you; and

(ii) Provide you with an opportunity to contest the determination and obtain a hearing on the objection under the procedures in § 34.24.

(Authority: 31 U.S.C. 3720D)

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