34 CFR § 361.305 - What is a comprehensive one-stop center and what must be provided there?

§ 361.305 What is a comprehensive one-stop center and what must be provided there?

(a) A comprehensive one-stop center is a physical location where job seeker and employer customers can access the programs, services, and activities of all required one-stop partners. A comprehensive one-stop center must have at least one title I staff person physically present.

(b) The comprehensive one-stop center must provide:

(1) Career services, described in § 361.430;

(2) Access to training services described in 20 CFR 680.200;

(3) Access to any employment and training activities carried out under sec. 134(d) of WIOA;

(4) Access to programs and activities carried out by one-stop partners listed in §§ 361.400 through 361.410, including the Employment Service program authorized under the Wagner-Peyser Act, as amended by WIOA title III (Wagner-Peyser Act Employment Service program); and

(5) Workforce and labor market information.

(c) Customers must have access to these programs, services, and activities during regular business days at a comprehensive one-stop center. The Local Workforce Development Board (WDB) may establish other service hours at other times to accommodate the schedules of individuals who work on regular business days. The State WDB will evaluate the hours of access to service as part of the evaluation of effectiveness in the one-stop certification process described in § 361.800(b).

(d) “Access” to each partner program and its services means:

(1) Having a program staff member physically present at the one-stop center;

(2) Having a staff member from a different partner program physically present at the one-stop center appropriately trained to provide information to customers about the programs, services, and activities available through partner programs; or

(3) Making available a direct linkage through technology to program staff who can provide meaningful information or services.

(i) A “direct linkage” means providing direct connection at the one-stop center, within a reasonable time, by phone or through a real-time Web-based communication to a program staff member who can provide program information or services to the customer.

(ii) A “direct linkage” cannot exclusively be providing a phone number or computer Web site or providing information, pamphlets, or materials.

(e) All comprehensive one-stop centers must be physically and programmatically accessible to individuals with disabilities, as described in 29 CFR part 38, the implementing regulations of WIOA sec. 188.