34 CFR § 395.3 - Application for designation as State licensing agency; content.

§ 395.3 Application for designation as State licensing agency; content.

(a) An application for designation as a State licensing agency under § 395.2 shall indicate:

(1) The State licensing agency's legal authority to administer the program, including its authority to promulgate rules and regulations to govern the program;

(2) The State licensing agency's organization for carrying out the program, including a description of the methods for coordinating the State's vending facility program and the State's vocational rehabilitation program, with special reference to the provision of such post-employment services necessary to assure that the maximum vocational potential of each blind vendor is achieved;

(3) The policies and standards to be employed in the selection of suitable locations for vending facilities;

(4) The methods to be used to ensure the continuing and active participation of the State Committee of Blind Vendors in matters affecting policy and program development and administration.

(5) The policies to be followed in making suitable vending facility equipment and adequate initial stock available to a vendor;

(6) The sources of funds for the administration of the program;

(7) The policies and standards governing the relationship of the State licensing agency to the vendors, including their selection, duties, supervision, transfer, promotion, financial participation, rights to a full evidentiary hearing concerning a State licensing agency action, and, where necessary, rights for the submittal of complaints to an arbitration panel;

(8) The methods to be followed in providing suitable training, including on-the-job training and, where appropriate, upward mobility training, to blind vendors;

(9) The arrangements made or contemplated, if any, for the utilization of the services of any nominee under § 395.15; the agreements therefor and the services to be provided; the procedures for the supervision and control of the services provided by such nominee and the methods used in evaluating services received, the basis for remuneration, and the fiscal controls and accounting procedures;

(10) The arrangements made or contemplated, if any, for the vesting in accordance with the laws of the State, of the right, title to, and interest in vending facility equipment or stock (including vending machines), used in the program, in a nominee to hold such right, title to, and interest for program purposes; and

(11) The assurances of the State licensing agency that it will:

(i) Cooperate with the Secretary in applying the requirements of the Act in a uniform manner;

(ii) Take effective action, including the termination of licenses, to carry out full responsibility for the supervision and management of each vending facility in its program in accordance with its established rules and regulations, this part, and the terms and conditions governing the permit;

(iii) Submit promptly to the Secretary for approval a description of any changes in the legal authority of the State licensing agency, its rules and regulations, blind vendor agreements, schedules for the setting aside of funds, contractual arrangements for the furnishing of services by a nominee, arrangements for carrying general liability and product liability insurance, and any other matters which form a part of the application;

(iv) If it intends to set aside, or cause to be set aside, funds from the net proceeds of the operation of vending facilities, obtain a prior determination by the Secretary that the amount of such funds to be set aside is reasonable;

(v) Establish policies against discrimination of any blind vendor on the basis of sex, age, physical or mental impairment, creed, color, national origin, or political affiliation;

(vi) Furnish each vendor a copy of its rules and regulations and a description of the arrangements for providing services, and take adequate steps to assure that each vendor understands the provisions of the permit and any agreement under which he operates, as evidenced by his signed statements:

(vii) Submit to an arbitration panel those grievances of any vendor unresolved after a full evidentiary hearing;

(viii) Adopt accounting procedures and maintain financial records in a manner necessary to provide for each vending facility and for the State's vending facility program a classification of financial transactions in such detail as is sufficient to enable evaluation of performance; and

(ix) Maintain records and make reports in such form and containing such information as the Secretary may require, make such records available for audit purposes, and comply with such provisions as the Secretary may find necessary to assure the correctness and verification of such reports.

(b) An application submitted under § 395.2 shall be accompanied by a copy of State rules and regulations affecting the administration and operation of the State's vending facility program.

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