34 CFR 674.16 - Making and disbursing loans.

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§ 674.16 Making and disbursing loans.


(1) Before an institution makes its first disbursement to a student, the student shall sign the promissory note and the institution shall provide the student with the following information:

(i) The name of the institution and the address to which communications and payments should be sent.

(ii) The principal amount of the loan and a statement that the institution will report the amount of the loan to a national credit bureau at least annually.

(iii) The stated interest rate on the loan.

(iv) The yearly and cumulative maximum amounts that may be borrowed.

(v) An explanation of when repayment of the loan will begin and when the borrower will be obligated to pay interest that accrues on the loan.

(vi) The minimum and maximum repayment terms which the institution may impose and the minimum monthly repayment required.

(vii) A statement of the total cumulative balance owed by the student to that institution, and an estimate of the monthly payment amount needed to repay that balance.

(viii) Special options the borrowers may have for loan consolidation or other refinancing of the loan.

(ix) The borrower's right to prepay all or part of the loan, at any time, without penalty, and a summary of the circumstances in which repayment of the loan or interest that accrues on the loan may be deferred or canceled including a brief notice of the Department of Defense program for repayment of loans on the basis of specified military service.

(x) A definition of default and the consequences to the borrower, including a statement that the institution may report the default to a national credit bureau.

(xi) The effect of accepting the loan on the eligibility of the borrower for other forms of student assistance.

(xii) The amount of any charges collected by the institution at or prior to the disbursement of the loan and any deduction of such charges from the proceeds of the loan or paid separately by the borrower.

(xiii) Any cost that may be assessed on the borrower in the collection of the loan including late charges and collection and litigation costs.

(2) The institution shall provide the information in paragraph (a)(1) of this section to the borrower in writing -

(i) As part of the written application material;

(ii) As part of the promissory note; or

(iii) On a separate written form.


(1) Except as provided in paragraphs (c) and (f) of this section, an institution shall advance in each payment period a portion of a loan awarded for a full academic year.

(2) The institution shall determine the amount advanced each payment period by the following fraction:

Where Loan Amount = the total loan awarded for an academic year and N = the number of payment periods that the institution expects the student will attend in that year.

(3) An institution may advance funds, within each payment period, at such time and in such amounts as it determines best meets the student's needs.

(c) If a student incurs uneven costs or estimated financial assistance amounts during an academic year and needs additional funds in a particular payment period, the institution may disburse loan funds to the student for those uneven costs.


(1) The institution shall disburse funds to a student or the student's account in accordance with 34 CFR 668.164.

(2) The institution shall ensure that each loan is supported by a legally enforceable promissory note as proof of the borrower's indebtedness.

(3) If the institution uses a Master Promissory Note (MPN), the institution's ability to make additional loans based on that MPN will automatically expire upon the earliest of -

(i) The date the institution receives written notification from the borrower requesting that the MPN no longer be used as the basis for additional loans;

(ii) Twelve months after the date the borrower signed the MPN if no disbursements are made by the institution under that MPN; or

(iii) Ten years from the date the borrower signed the MPN or the date the institution receives the MPN, except that a remaining portion of a loan may be disbursed after this date.

(e) The institution shall advance funds to a student in accordance with the provisions of § 668.164.


(1) The institution shall return to the Fund any amount advanced to a student who, before the first day of classes -

(i) Officially or unofficially withdraws; or

(ii) Is expelled.

(2) A student who does not begin class attendance is deemed to have withdrawn.

(g) An institutional official may not, without prior approval from the Secretary, obtain a student's power of attorney to endorse any check used to disburse loan funds.


(1) An institution must report to at least one national credit bureau -

(i) The amount and the date of each disbursement;

(ii) Information concerning the repayment and collection of the loan until the loan is paid in full; and

(iii) The date the loan was repaid, canceled, or discharged for any reason.

(2) An institution must promptly report any changes to information previously reported on a loan to the same credit bureaus to which the information was previously reported.

(i) [Reserved]

(j) The institution must report enrollment and loan status information, or any Title IV loan-related information required by the Secretary, to the Secretary by the deadline date established by the Secretary.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 1845-0019)
(Authority: 20 U.S.C. 1987cc, 1087cc-1, 1087dd, 1091 and 1094)
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