34 CFR § 685.405 - Institutional response.

§ 685.405 Institutional response.

(a) For purposes of adjudicating a borrower defense claim other than those based on prior Secretarial final actions in accordance with § 685.404, the Department official notifies the institution of the group claim under § 685.402 or individual claim under § 685.403 and requests a response from the school. Such notification also may include, but is not limited to, requests for documentation to substantiate the school's response.


(1) The notification in paragraph (a) of this section tolls any limitation period by which the Secretary may recover from the institution under § 685.409.

(2) The Department official requests a response from the institution, which will have 90 days to respond from the date of the Department official's notification.

(c) With its response, the institution must submit an affidavit, on a form approved by the Secretary, certifying under penalty of perjury that the information submitted to the Department official is true and correct.

(d) If the institution does not respond to the Department official's information request within 90 days, the Department official will presume that the institution does not contest the borrower defense to repayment claim.