36 CFR § 1001.6 - Permits.

§ 1001.6 Permits.

(a) When authorized by regulations set forth in this chapter, the Executive Director may issue a permit to authorize an otherwise prohibited or restricted activity or impose a public use limit. The activity authorized by a permit shall be consistent with applicable legislation, Federal regulations and administrative policies, and based upon a determination that public health and safety, environmental or scenic values, natural or cultural resources, scientific research, implementation of management responsibilities, proper allocation and use of facilities, or the avoidance of conflict among visitor use activities will not be adversely impacted.

(b) Except as otherwise provided, application for a permit shall be submitted to the Executive Director during normal business hours.

(c) The public will be informed of the existence of a permit requirement in accordance with § 1001.7.

(d) Unless otherwise provided for by the regulations in this chapter, the Executive Director shall deny a permit that has been properly applied for only upon a determination that the designated capacity for an area or facility would be exceeded; or that one or more of the factors set forth in paragraph (a) of this section would be adversely impacted. The basis for denial shall be provided to the applicant upon request.

(e) The Executive Director shall include in a permit the terms and conditions that the Executive Director deems necessary to protect resources of the area administered by the Presidio Trust or public safety and may also include terms or conditions established pursuant to the authority of any other section of this chapter.

(f) A compilation of those activities requiring a permit shall be maintained by the Executive Director and available to the public upon request.

(g) The following are prohibited:

(1) Engaging in an activity subject to a permit requirement imposed pursuant to this section without obtaining a permit; or

(2) Violating a term or condition of a permit issued pursuant to this section.

(h) Violating a term or condition of a permit issued pursuant to this section may also result in the suspension or revocation of the permit by the Executive Director.