36 CFR § 1010.10 - Actions that normally require an EA.

§ 1010.10 Actions that normally require an EA.

(a) General procedure. If a proposal or action is not one that normally requires an EIS, and does not qualify for a categorical exclusion under § 1010.7, the Trust will require, prepare, or direct the preparation of an EA. An EA should be prepared when the Trust has insufficient information on which to determine whether a proposal may have significant impacts. An EA assists the Trust in complying with NEPA when no EIS is necessary, and it facilitates the preparation of an EIS, if one is necessary.

(b) Criteria. Criteria used to determine those categories of action that normally require an EA, but not necessarily an EIS, include:

(1) Potential for degradation of environmental quality;

(2) Potential for cumulative adverse impact on environmental quality; and

(3) Potential for adverse impact on protected resources (e.g., natural, scenic, recreational, historical, and cultural resources).

(c) Categories of action. The following categories of action normally require the preparation of an EA:

(1) Promulgation of regulations and requirements that are not categorically excluded;

(2) Proposals submitted by project applicants to the Trust for its review, as described in § 1010.14;

(3) Proposals to add or alter access between the Presidio Trust Area and surrounding neighborhoods; and

(4) Contracts, work authorizations, and master agreements related to and implementing programs, policies, and proposals which are not categorically excluded and for which there is no previously prepared EA and/or EIS.