36 CFR § 1010.12 - Public involvement.

§ 1010.12 Public involvement.

The Trust will make public involvement an essential part of its environmental review process. Public notice of anticipated Trust actions that may have a significant environmental impact, opportunities for involvement, and availability of environmental documents will be provided through announcements in the Trust's monthly newsletter, postings on its web site (www.presidiotrust.gov), placement of public notices in newspapers, direct mailings, and other means appropriate for involving the public in a meaningful way. The Trust will conduct scoping with interested federal, state and local agencies and Indian tribes, will solicit and accept written scoping comments and will hold public scoping meetings to gather early input whenever it determines an EIS to be necessary and otherwise as appropriate. Notice of all public scoping meetings will be given in a timely manner. Interested persons may also obtain information concerning any pending EIS or any other element of the environmental review process of the Trust by contacting the NEPA Compliance Coordinator at the following address: Presidio Trust, P.O. Box 29052, San Francisco, California 94129-0052.