36 CFR § 1150.12 - Complainants.

§ 1150.12 Complainants.

(a) Any person may submit a complaint to the A&TBCB alleging that a building or facility does not comply with applicable standards issued under the Architectural Barriers Act. Complaints must be in writing and should be sent to: Executive Director, Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board, 1111 18th Street, Suite 501, Washington, DC 20036–3894.

A complaint form is available at the above address. Complaints may, but need not, contain (1) the complainant's name and where he/she may be reached, (2) the facility or building and, if known, the funding agency, and (3) a brief description of the barriers. A complaint form is available at the above address.

(b) The A&TBCB shall hold in confidence the identity of all persons submitting complaints unless the person submits a written authorization otherwise.

(c) The A&TBCB shall give or mail to the complainant a copy of these regulations.

(d) A complainant is not a party to the proceedings as a matter of course, but may petition the judge to participate under § 1150.13.

(e) The A&TBCB shall send the complainant a copy of the final order issued by the judge. The complainant has standing to obtain judicial review of that order.

[53 FR 39473, Oct. 7, 1988]