36 CFR § 1150.43 - Answers.

§ 1150.43 Answers.

(a) Answers shall be filed by respondents within fifteen (15) days after receipt of a citation.

(b) The answer shall admit or deny specifically and in detail, matters set forth in each allegation of the citation. If the respondent is without knowledge, the answer shall so state and such statement shall be deemed a denial. Matters not specifically denied shall be deemed admitted. Failure to file a timely answer shall constitute an admission of all facts recited in the citation.

(c) Answers shall contain a list of additional pertinent documents not listed in the citation when respondent reasonably believes these documents are necessary for the judge to make a decision. Copies of the listed documents shall be filed with the answer.

(d) Answers may also contain a request for a hearing under § 1150.45.

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