36 CFR § 1200.4 - How does NARA use its official seals?

§ 1200.4 How does NARA use its official seals?

NARA uses its three official seals to authenticate various copies of documents and for informational purposes as follows:

(a) The National Archives and Records Administration seal, dated 1985, is used:

(1) For official business;

(2) To authenticate copies of Federal records in NARA's temporary custody and copies of NARA operational records; and

(3) For informational purposes with NARA's prior approval (includes use by NARA employees, the public, and other Federal agencies).

(b) The National Archives seal, dated 1934, is used to authenticate copies of documents in NARA's permanent legal custody.

(c) The National Archives Trust Fund Board seal, dated 1941, is used for Trust Fund documents and publications.

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