36 CFR § 1225.18 - How do agencies request records disposition authority?

§ 1225.18 How do agencies request records disposition authority?

(a) Federal agencies submit an SF 115 to NARA to request authority to schedule (establish the disposition for) permanent and temporary records, either on a recurring or one-time basis.

(b) SF 115s include only records not covered by the General Records Schedules (GRS) (see part 1227 of this subchapter), deviations from the GRS (see § 1227.12 of this subchapter), or previously scheduled records requiring changes in retention periods or substantive changes in description.

(c) SF 115s do not include nonrecord material. The disposition of nonrecord materials is determined by agencies and does not require NARA approval.

(d) The following elements are required on a SF 115:

(1) Title and description of the records covered by each item.

(2) Disposition instructions that can be readily applied. Records schedules must provide for:

(i) The destruction of records that no longer have sufficient value to justify further retention (see § 1224.10(b) of this subchapter); and

(ii) The identification of potentially permanent records and provisions for their transfer to the legal custody of NARA.

(3) Certification that the records proposed for disposition are not now needed for the business of the agency or will not be needed after the specified retention periods. The signature of the authorized agency representative on the SF 115 provides certification.

(e) NARA will return SF 115s that are improperly prepared. The agency must make the necessary corrections and resubmit the form to NARA.