36 CFR § 1230.3 - What definitions apply to this part?

§ 1230.3 What definitions apply to this part?

(a) See § 1220.18 of this subchapter for definitions of terms used throughout Subchapter B, including part 1230.

(b) As used in part 1230—

Alteration means the unauthorized annotation, addition, or deletion to a record.

Deface means to obliterate, mar, or spoil the appearance or surface of a record that impairs the usefulness or value of the record.

Removal means selling, donating, loaning, transferring, stealing, or otherwise allowing a record to leave the custody of a Federal agency without the permission of the Archivist of the United States.

Unlawful or accidental destruction (also called unauthorized destruction) means disposal of an unscheduled or permanent record; disposal prior to the end of the NARA-approved retention period of a temporary record (other than court-ordered disposal under § 1226.14(d) of this subchapter); and disposal of a record subject to a FOIA request, litigation hold, or any other hold requirement to retain the records.