36 CFR § 1280.60 - Permitting use of public areas.

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§ 1280.60 Permitting use of public areas.

(a) The primary use for NARA property and facilities, including those areas open to the public, is conducting official NARA business. NARA's official business includes educational and public programs and other activities we conduct on our own or in conjunction with government organizations, the National Archives Foundation (“Foundation”) and Presidential library foundations, or other private organizations. NARA uses all of the public areas of NARA property and facilities in the course of conducting official business.

(b) We may permit, under the conditions described in this subpart, Federal agencies, quasi-Federal agencies, and state, local, and tribal government organizations to occasionally use certain public areas for official activities (“government organization use”).

(c) We may also permit occasional, non-official use of specified public areas for private group activities and events that relate to or further NARA's archival, records, or other interests. The authorities for such use are 44 U.S.C. 2112(e) (for Presidential libraries) and 44 U.S.C. 2903(b) (for other NARA property and facilities).

(1) Examples of private use that relate to or further NARA's archival, records, or other interests include, but are not limited to: Meetings and other business activities held by archival, historical, or other professional organizations with a connection to NARA's holdings or mission; activities or events that promote research in, or use or preservation of, NARA holdings; invitation-only screening of film or TV premieres when NARA holdings have been used in the production or when the screening otherwise promotes use of NARA holdings (e.g., documentary film premiere); and dinners, receptions, or other private group events where the connection to NARA is the location itself (e.g., The National Archives Building or a Presidential library) or the opportunity to view NARA exhibits. Private group events may include events of a personal or social nature, such as weddings and wedding receptions, and school-sponsored activities.

(2) Each NARA facility with public use space determines whether and what kind of events of a personal nature the facility can support, given the size and configuration of available space, staff availability, and other logistical factors. We also reserve the right to limit the number and size of personal celebrations, and to limit or prohibit activities as part of a private group event that pose a risk to the facility, property, people, or our holdings. If you are interested in holding a private group event at a NARA facility, contact that facility directly for more information. See 36 CFR part 1253 for facility listings and contact information.

(3) We may charge fees for private group and government organization use of these public areas and the services related to such use. See § 1280.68. NARA, the Foundation, or Presidential library foundations may collect the fees.

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