36 CFR 13.1206 - Wildlife distance conditions.

§ 13.1206 Wildlife distance conditions.

(a) Approaching a bear or any large mammal within 50 yards is prohibited.

(b) Continuing to occupy a position within 50 yards of a bear that is using a concentrated food source, including, but not limited to, animal carcasses, spawning salmon, and other feeding areas is prohibited.

(c) Continuing to engage in fishing within 50 yards of a bear is prohibited.

(d) The prohibitions in this section do not apply to persons -

(1) Engaged in a legal hunt;

(2) On a designated bear viewing structure;

(3) In compliance with a written protocol approved by the Superintendent; or

(4) Who are otherwise directed by a park employee.

[ 71 FR 69333, Nov. 30, 2006, as amended at 73 FR 3186, Jan. 17, 2008]