36 CFR 13.25 - Camping.

§ 13.25 Camping.

(a) Camping is authorized in park areas except where such use is prohibited or otherwise restricted by the Superintendent in accordance with this section, the provisions of § 13.50, or as set forth for specific park areas in subparts H through V of this part.

(b)Site time-limits. Camping is authorized for 14 consecutive days in one location. Camping is prohibited after 14 consecutive days in one location unless the camp is moved at least 2 miles or unless authorized by the Superintendent. A camp and associated equipment must be relocated immediately if determined by the Superintendent to be interfering with public access or other public interests or adversely impacting park resources.

(c)Designated campgrounds. Except at designated campgrounds, camping is prohibited on NPS facilities. The Superintendent may establish restrictions, terms, and conditions for camping in designated campgrounds. Violating restrictions, terms, and conditions is prohibited.