36 CFR 13.305 - Definitions.

§ 13.305 Definitions.

The following definitions apply to this subpart:

Best offer means a responsive offer that best meets, as determined by the Director, the selection criteria contained in a competitive solicitation for a visitor services authorization.

Controlling interest means, in the case of a corporation, an interest, beneficial or otherwise, of sufficient outstanding voting securities or capital of the business so as to permit the exercise of managerial authority over the actions and operations of the corporation or election of a majority of the board of directors of the corporation.

Controlling interest in the case of a partnership, limited partnership, joint venture, or individual entrepreneurship, means a beneficial ownership of or interest in the entity or its capital so as to permit the exercise of managerial authority over the actions and operations of the entity. In other circumstances, controlling interest means any arrangement under which a third party has the ability to exercise management authority over the actions or operations of the business.

Director means the Director of the National Park Service or an authorized representative.

Historical operator, except as otherwise may be specified by a statute other than ANILCA, means the holder of a valid written authorization from the Director to provide visitor services within a park area that:

(1) On or before January 1, 1979, was lawfully engaged in adequately providing such visitor services in the applicable park area;

(2) Has continued, as further defined in § 13.310, to lawfully provide that visitor service since January 1, 1979, without a change in controlling interest; and

(3) Is otherwise determined by the Director to have a right to continue to provide such services or similar services pursuant to § 13.310.

Local area means an area in Alaska within 100 miles of the location within the park area where any of the applicable visitor services is authorized to be provided.

Local resident means:

For individuals. Those individuals who have lived within the local area for 12 consecutive months before issuance of a solicitation of offers for a visitor services authorization for a park area and who maintain their primary, permanent residence and business within the local area and whenever absent from this primary, permanent residence, have the intention of returning to it. Factors demonstrating the location of an individual's primary, permanent residence and business may include, but are not limited to, the permanent address indicated on licenses issued by the State of Alaska, tax returns and voter registration.

For corporations. A corporation in which the controlling interest is held by an individual or individuals who qualify as local resident(s) within the meaning of this subpart. For non-profit corporations a majority of the board members and a majority of the officers must qualify individually as local residents.

Native Corporation means the same as defined in section 102(6) of ANILCA.

Preferred operator means a Native Corporation that is determined under § 13.325 to be “most directly affected” by the establishment or expansion of a park area by ANILCA, or a local resident as defined in this subpart.

Responsive offer is one that is timely received and meets the terms and conditions of a solicitation for a visitor services authorization.

Visitor services authorization is a written authorization from the Director to provide visitor services in a park area. Such authorization may be in the form of a concession permit, concession contract, or other document issued by the Director under National Park Service policies and procedures.

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