36 CFR § 222.71 - Loss of status.

§ 222.71 Loss of status.

Wild free-roaming horses and burros or their remains shall lose their status under the 1971 Wild Horses and Burros Act.

(a) Upon passage of title pursuant to § 222.29 (d) and (e).

(b) Upon transfer to private maintenance and care pursuant to § 222.29(c)(4) and die of natural causes before passage of title;

(c) Upon destruction by an authorized Forest officer pursuant to § 222.29(c)(5).

(d) Upon death by natural causes or accident on the National Forest System or on private lands where maintained thereon pursuant to § 222.27 and disposal is authorized by a Forest officer; and

(e) Upon destruction or death for purposes of or incident to the program authorized in § 222.20(a).