36 CFR § 223.136 - Debarment.

§ 223.136 Debarment.

(a) General. In accordance with the procedures in § 223.138, the debarring official may in the public interest, debar a purchaser for any of the causes listed in § 223.137. However, the existence of a cause for debarment does not necessarily require that the purchaser be debarred. In making any debarment decision, the debarring official shall consider the seriousness of the purchaser's acts or omissions and any mitigating factors.

(b) Effect of proposed debarment.

(1) Upon issuance of a notice of proposed debarment by the debarring official and until the final debarment decision is rendered, the Forest Service shall not solicit or consider bids from, award contracts to, approve a third party agreement with, renew or otherwise extend, except pursuant to the terms of a contract term adjustment, any contract with that purchaser. The Chief of the Forest Service or authorized representative may waive this exclusion upon a written determination identifying compelling reasons to continue doing business with that purchaser pending completion of debarment proceedings.

(2) In addition to paragraph (b)(1) of this section, issuance of a notice of proposed debarment under § 223.137(g) shall preclude such person from entering into any contract to purchase unprocessed timber originating from Federal lands, and from taking delivery of unprocessed Federal timber from any other party who purchased such timber.

[52 FR 43329, Nov. 12, 1987, as amended at 60 FR 46921, Sept. 8, 1995]