36 CFR § 228.43 - Policy governing disposal.

§ 228.43 Policy governing disposal.

(a) General. Forest Service policy is to make mineral materials on National Forest lands available to the public and to local, State, and Federal government agencies where reasonable protection of, or mitigation of effects on, other resources in assured, and where removal is not prohibited.

(1) A contract or permit limits processing of the mineral material onsite to the first salable product.

(2) Additional onsite processing may be authorized by a separate permit (36 CFR 251.50).

(3) The authorized officer must ensure that an environmental analysis is conducted for all planned disposals of mineral materials.

(4) Decisions to authorize the disposal of mineral materials must conform to approved land and resource management plans (36 CFR 219.22).

(b) Price. Mineral materials may not be sold for less than the appraised value. The authorized officer may assess a fee to cover costs of issuing and administering a contract or permit.

(c) Conservation. Adequate measures must be taken to protect, and minimize damage to the environment. Mineral materials may be disposed of only if the authorized officer determines that the disposal is not detrimental to the public interest.

(d) Ownership. Title to the mineral materials vests in the purchaser or permittee immediately before excavation, subject to the provisions of §§ 228.47 through 228.56 and other provisions of the contract or permit. Title to excavated material not removed within the time provided revests in the United States.

(e) Decisions. All decisions as to whether or not to grant disposals proposed under this subpart shall be made in writing by the authorized officer. Such decisions must specify their factual and legal basis.

(f) Option for mining claimants. All mining claimants holding mining claims which are located for a mineral classified in accordance with this subpart as a mineral material have the option of maintaining that the mineral is locatable and filing for patent. All mining claimants holding mining claims located in good faith on or before January 16, 1991, for a mineral classified in accordance with this subpart as a mineral material may accept the classification and, if appropriate, receive a sale by negotiated contract for that mineral material under 36 CFR 228.57(b)(2) of this subpart.

[49 FR 29784, July 24, 1984, as amended at 55 FR 51706, Dec. 17, 1990]

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