36 CFR § 228.66 - Refunds.

§ 228.66 Refunds.

Upon termination of any contract, payments in excess of $10 may be refunded, less the costs incurred by the United States, under any of the following conditions:

(a) Payment in excess of value. If the total payment exceeds the value of the mineral material removed, unless it is the minimum annual payment in lieu of production;

(b) Insufficiency of material. If insufficient mineral material existed in the sale area to provide the quantity of material estimated to have been available;

(c) Cancellation.

(1) If the contract is cancelled by the authorized officer for reasons which are beyond the purchaser's control; or

(2) If the contract is cancelled by mutual agreement. This refund provision is not a warranty that a specific quantity of material exists in the sale area.

[49 FR 29784, July 24, 1984, as amended at 78 FR 33724, June 5, 2013]

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