36 CFR § 251.64 - Reauthorization of existing uses.

§ 251.64 Reauthorization of existing uses.

(a) Upon expiration of a permit or easement issued under § 251.53(e), a powerline facility permit issued to a federal entity or a powerline facility easement issued under § 251.53(l)(4), or a private road easement or a forest road easement issued under § 251.53(l)(6), the authorized officer shall issue a new special use authorization for the authorized use and occupancy, provided the use and occupancy authorized by the existing authorization are consistent with the applicable land management plan and applicable laws and regulations; the authorized activities and improvements are still being conducted or used for the purposes previously authorized; and the holder is in compliance with all the terms of the existing authorization.

(b) A priority use outfitting and guiding permit is subject to renewal without competition as provided in accordance with applicable Forest Service directives.

(c) Issuance of a new special use authorization upon expiration of any other type of special use authorization is at the sole discretion of the authorized officer, subject to the same conditions in paragraph (a) of this section.

(d) In reauthorizing existing uses under paragraph (a), (b), or (c) of this section, the authorized officer may modify the terms of the authorization to reflect any new requirements imposed by current Federal and State land use plans, laws, regulations, or other management decisions. Appropriate environmental analysis must accompany the decision to reauthorize the special use.

[88 FR 84709, Dec. 6, 2023]