36 CFR § 254.16 - Case closing.

§ 254.16 Case closing.

(a) Title transfers. Unless otherwise agreed, and notwithstanding the decision in United States v. Schurz, 102 U.S. 378 (1880), or any other law or ruling to the contrary, title to both the non-Federal and Federal lands pass simultaneously and are deemed accepted by the United States and the non-Federal landowner, respectively, when the documents of conveyance are recorded in the county clerk's or other local recorder's office. Before recordation, all instructions, requirements, and conditions set forth by the United States and the non-Federal landowner must be met. The minimum requirements and conditions necessary for recordation include the following, as appropriate:

(1) The determination by the authorized officer that the United States will receive possession, acceptable to it, of such lands;

(2) The issuance of title evidence as of the date of recordation which conforms to the instructions and requirements of the USDA Office of the General Counsel's preliminary title opinion; and

(3) Continuation searches disclosing no matters of record that would require any change in the aforementioned title evidence as issued.

(b) Automatic segregation of lands. Subject to valid existing rights, non-Federal lands acquired through exchange by the United States automatically are segregated from appropriation under the public land laws and mineral laws until midnight of the 90th day after acceptance of title by the United States, and the public land records must be noted accordingly. Thereafter, the lands will be open automatically to operation of the public land laws and mineral laws, except to the extent otherwise provided by law, unless action is taken pursuant to 43 CFR part 2300 to initiate a withdrawal within the 90-day period.