36 CFR § 261.12 - National Forest System roads and trails.

§ 261.12 National Forest System roads and trails.

The following are prohibited:

(a) Violating the load, weight, height, length, or width limitations prescribed by State law except by special-use authorization or written agreement or by order issued under § 261.54 of this Chapter.

(b) Failing to have a vehicle weighed at a Forest Service weighing station, if required by a sign.

(c) Damaging and leaving in a damaged condition any such road, trail, or segment thereof.

(d) Blocking, restricting, or otherwise interfering with the use of a road, trail, or gate.

[42 FR 2957, Jan. 14, 1977, as amended at 46 FR 33520, June 30, 1981; 49 FR 25450, June 21, 1984; 55 FR 25832, June 25, 1990]

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