36 CFR § 292.17 - General provisions.

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§ 292.17 General provisions.

(a) The use, management and utilization of natural resources on the Federal lands in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA) are subject to the General Management Plan and the laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to the National Forests with the exception that part 252 of this chapter does not apply to these resources. No use or disposal of such resources shall be authorized which will result in substantial impairment of the natural values of the Recreation Area.

(b) Definitions:

(1) Act means Pub. L. 92-400 (86 Stat. 612), which established the SNRA.

(2) Area Ranger or Superintendent means the Forest Service officer having administrative authority for the SNRA.

(3) General management plan means the document setting forth the land allocation and resource decisions for management of the SNRA.

(4) Letter of authorization means a letter signed by the Area Ranger, or his designee, authorizing an operator to conduct operations as approved in the operating plan.

(5) Mineral resources means all locatable minerals.

(6) Operator means a person conducting or proposing to conduct operations.

(7) Operations means all functions works, and activities in connection with exploration, development, mining or processing of mineral resources and all uses reasonably incident thereto, including roads and other means of access on lands, regardless of whether said operations take place on or off mining claims.

(8) Operating plan means a written instrument describing proposed operations on Federal lands and containing such information as required by § 292.18.

(9) Person means any individual, partnership, association, corporation, or other legal entity.

(10) Substantial impairment means that level of disturbance of the values of the SNRA which is incompatible with the standards of the General Management Plan. The proposed activities will be evaluated as to:

(i) The period of impact,

(ii) The area affected, and

(iii) The importance of the impact on the SNRA values.

(11) Unpatented mining claims means any mining claim or millsite claim located prior to August 22, 1972, pursuant to the Mining Law of 1872, but not patented.

[42 FR 39387, Aug. 4, 1977]