36 CFR § 30.4 - Recreation District II.

§ 30.4 Recreation District II.

(a) Definition: This district shall comprise all those portions of the Whiskeytown Unit of the Whiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area delineated as “Recreation District II” on a map bearing the identification NRA-WHI-1000 and dated August 1966.

(b) The following uses are permitted in Recreation District II:

(1) All uses permitted in Recreation District I, subject to all the limitations, conditions and requirements prescribed for such uses in that district.

(2) The following additional uses are permitted in Recreation District II, provided the Shasta County Planning Commission has issued a use permit in each case:

(i) Agricultural pursuits such as crop farming, grazing, animal husbandry, nurseries, and greenhouses.

(ii) Stands for retail sales of products produced on the premises.

(iii) Measures to promote conservation of soil, water, and vegetation, including reforestation and tree stand improvement, and measures to reduce fire hazards.

(iv) Public or privately operated parks and playgrounds.

(v) Trailer campgrounds.

(vi) Golf courses.

(vii) Heliports, provided they are located and screened so their operations will cause a minimum of interference with public recreational use and enjoyment of the area.

(viii) Accessory structures, facilities, and utilities as necessary to make possible the exercise of any use otherwise permitted.

(c) Structures developed for the exercise of the additional uses listed under paragraph (b)(2) of this section shall not exceed two stories in height (35 feet), shall have a minimum principal use area of 5 acres, and shall have a front yard setback of not less than 100 feet from the nearest right-of-way line of a road or street. However, a lesser area than 5 acres may be utilized for such purposes if the property in question was in separate ownership on February 7, 1963.

(d) Any use not included above as a permitted use shall be deemed a prohibited use. Moreover, all land within the boundaries of the Whiskeytown Unit, except certain “improved property” as defined herein, will be acquired by the United States as rapidly as appropriated funds are made available therefor and before any development occurs thereon. Any property that is developed before such acquisition takes place will be subject to acquisition by the Secretary without consent of the owner.