36 CFR § 34.6 - Fires.

§ 34.6 Fires.

(a) All wildland, vehicular or structural fires shall be reported to the Superintendent immediately.

(b) Nonconflicting provisions of the California State Forest and Fire Laws and Regulations are adopted as a part of this part. Violation of any of these regulations is prohibited.

(c) The kindling of any open fire, including the burning of debris, is prohibited without a permit from the Superintendent.

(d) On undeveloped, untended or otherwise open land, operating any equipment powered by an internal combustion engine without a spark arrestor maintained in effective working order is prohibited. Such spark arrestor shall also meet either the USDA Forest Service Standard 5100-1a or the Society of Automotive Engineers Recommended Practice J335 or J350.

(e) The Superintendent may, during periods of high fire danger or diminished water supply, temporarily limit use and consumption of domestic water. These limitations shall be published. Violation of a limitation established by the Superintendent is prohibited.

(f) An owner or operator of a commercial establishment located within the administrative site shall comply with applicable standards prescribed by the National Fire Codes, Federal OSHA, CAL OSHA and other applicable laws, regulations and standards.