36 CFR § 59.4 - Residency requirements.

§ 59.4 Residency requirements.

(a) Background. Section 6(f)(8) of the L&WCF Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of residence, including preferential reservation or membership systems, except to the extent that reasonable differences in admission and other fees may be maintained on such basis. This prohibition applies to both regularly scheduled and special events. The general provisions regarding non-discrimination at sites assisted under Interior programs and, thereby, all other recreation facilities managed by a project sponsor, are covered in 43 CFR part 17 which implements the provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for the Department.

(b) Policy. There shall be no discrimination for L&WCF assisted programs and services on the basis of residence, except in reasonable fee differentials. Post-completion compliance responsibilities of the recipient should continue to ensure that discrimination on the basis of residency is not occurring.

(c) Fees. Fees charged to nonresidents cannot exceed twice that charged to residents. Where there is no charge for residents but a fee is charged to nonresidents, nonresident fees cannot exceed fees charged for residents at comparable State or local public facilities. Reservation, membership, or annual permit systems available to residents must also be available to nonresidents and the period of availability must be the same for both residents and nonresidents. Recipients are prohibited from providing residents the option of purchasing annual or daily permits while at the same time restricting nonresidents to the purchase of annual permits only. These provisions apply only to the approved 6(f)(3) areas applicable to the recipient. Nonresident fishing and hunting license fees are excluded from these requirements.