36 CFR § 6.8 - National Park Service solid waste responsibilities.

§ 6.8 National Park Service solid waste responsibilities.

(a) Beginning one year after January 23, 1995, a Superintendent will not permit or allow a person to dispose of solid waste at a National Park Service operated solid waste disposal site except for waste generated by National Park Service activities.

(b) The Superintendent of a unit where the National Park Service operates a solid waste disposal site will establish a waste collection program for harmful wastes generated by residential activities by National Park Service and concessionaire households within the unit. The Superintendent will establish frequency and place of collection but such frequency must be, at a minimum, every twelve months.

(c) Each Superintendent will ensure full compliance with regulations at 40 CFR part 244, Solid Waste Management Guidelines For Beverage Containers. Only those units of the National Park System where carbonated beverages in containers are not sold, or that have prepared formal documentation of nonimplementation under 40 CFR 244.100(f)(3) that has been approved by the Director and the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, are exempt from the deposit and container return program mandated in 40 CFR part 244.

(d) NPS concessionaires, commercial use licensees and contractors will comply with acquisition, recycling and waste minimization goals established by the NPS.