36 CFR § 7.14 - Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

§ 7.14 Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

(a)Fishing -

(1)License. A person fishing within the park must have in possession the proper State fishing license issued by either Tennessee or North Carolina. A holder of a valid resident or nonresident license issued by either State may fish throughout the park irrespective of State boundaries, except in Closed and Excluded Waters.

(2)Closed and Excluded Waters. All waters of Mingus Creek, Lands Creek, Chestnut Branch and that portion of LeConte Creek as posted through the park residential area of Twin Creeks, are closed to and excluded from fishing.

(3)Open Waters.

(i) All of the waters of the Oconaluftee River downstream from where it joins with Raven Fork to the park boundary and that portion of Raven Fork from its junction with the Oconaluftee River upstream and paralleling the Big Cove Road to the park boundary are open to fishing in accordance with the Cherokee Fish and Game Management regulations.

(ii) All other park waters are open to fishing in accordance with National Park Service regulations.

(4)Season. Open all year for rainbow and brown trout, smallmouth bass, and redeye (rockbass). All other fish are protected and may not be taken by any means.

(5)Time.Fishing is permitted from sunrise to sunset only.

(6)Fish and equipment and bait.Fishing is permitted only by use of one handheld rod and line.

(i) Only artificial flies or lures having one single hook may be used.

(ii) The use or possession of any form of fish bait other than artificial flies or lures on any park stream while in possession of fishing tackle is prohibited.

(7)Size limits. All trout or bass caught less than the legal length shall be immediately returned unharmed to the water from which taken.

(i) No trout or bass less than 7″ in length may be retained.

(ii) No size limit on redeye (rockbass).

(8)Possession limit.

(i)Possession limit shall mean and include the number of trout, bass or redeye (rockbass) caught in park waters which may be in possession, regardless of whether they are fresh, stored in ice chests, or otherwise preserved. A person must stop and desist from fishing for the remainder of the day upon attaining the possession limit.

(ii) Five, fish, trout, bass, or redeye, or a combination thereof, is the maximum number which a person may retain in one day or be in possession of at any one time.

(9) The superintendent may designate certain waters as Experimental Fish Management Waters and issue temporary and special rules regulating fishing use by posting signs and issuance of official public notification. All persons shall observe and abide by such officially posted rules pertaining to these specially designated waters.

(b)Beer and alcoholic beverages. The possession of beer or any alcoholic beverages in an open or unsealed container, except in designated picnic, camping, or overnight lodging facilities, is prohibited.

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