36 CFR § 7.2 - Crater Lake National Park.

§ 7.2 Crater Lake National Park.

(a)Fishing.Fishing in Crater Lake and park streams is permitted from May 20 through October 31.

(b)Boating. No private vessel or motor may be used on the waters of the park.

(c)Snowmobiles.Snowmobile use is permitted in Crater Lake National Park on the North Entrance Road from its intersection with the Rim Drive to the park boundary, and on intermittent routes detouring from the North Entrance Road as designated by the Superintendent and marked with snow poles and signs. Except for such designated detours marked with snow poles and signs, only that portion of the North Entrance Road intended for wheeled vehicle use may be used by snowmobiles. Such roadway is available for snowmobile use only when the designated roadway is closed to all wheeled vehicles used by the public.

[34 FR 9751, June 24, 1969, as amended at 41 FR 33263, Aug. 9, 1976]