36 CFR § 7.41 - Big Bend National Park.

§ 7.41 Big Bend National Park.

(a)Fishing; closed waters. Special ponds and springs reserved for species of rare fish are closed to fishing and bait collecting. The taking or release of any form of fish life in these ponds or springs is prohibited except by special authorization by the Superintendent. These ponds and springs will be posted as closed to fishing and bait collecting and molestation.

(b)Fishing; method.

(1)Fishing with pole and line, rod and reel, and trot and throw line is permitted all year from the United States side of the Rio Grande.

(2) Use of seine. The use of seines and nets is prohibited except minnow seines no greater than 20 feet in length may be used for taking of minnows for bait.

(c)Fishing; limit of catch. The limit of catch per person per day or in possession shall be 25 fish, except that minnows caught for bait shall not be accountable for the purpose of this section.

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